Problem hair? We have the solution!

Here at Arnello's Beauty Shoppe, we specialize in turning your problem hair into gorgeous hair. We treat hair that has been damaged by chemicals or heat. We also treat scalp problems and falling hair/thinning. We offer a wide variety of treatments to correct those problems.

Don't have problem hair?

We have salon services that include: hair cuts, colors, highlights, styles, relaxers, perms, and more.

Our Promise

At Arnello's, we can't promise miracles. But, we promise to work with you, as an individual, to get you to the healthy hair you deserve.

Two Months to Healthy Hair

Client #1 had hair that was dry, brittle, and breaking. She came to the shop in August. After two months of intense treatment, her hair started coming back to life!.

Brittle to Soft

Client #2 had severe hair loss around her edges,middle,and back. Her hair was dry, brittle, and slow growing. We started her treatments in December and by October, the client was able to get fingerwaves and a flip!!!

Stopping Hair Loss

Client #3 had hair loss in the back and on the sides !!! After a year, this client's hair is now in more healthy state and growing also!!!

Hope for Chemically Caused Loss

Client #4 had alopecia and severe hair loss !!! After approximately eight months, this client's hair is now in more healthy state.!!

Although alopecia is not life threatening, it can suggest underlying illness, especially if the hair loss is sudden. Always seek medical advise,in any case.